Taman Baca Pondok Inspirasi

Batuyang Lombok, Indonesia

The first Train the Trainer on location took place in 2017 at the Taman Baca Pondok Inspirasi in Batuyang village in Pringgabaya District East Lombok.

Taman Baca Pondok Inspirasi is a local community house is focused on increasing children’s interest to read books and learn English. Besides that they organise creative activities and monthly educative travels all over the island.


The community house offered us accommodation and the opportunity to train our first local Master Trainer. Lina is one of the teachers of the Community House and a friend and great help for our NGO for several years. She was a member of a group of youngster in Mataram university Lombok, who helped other students who were victim of abuse. As well as this, she also fights for the rights of youngsters who have been abused around the area she lives in and guides them to the right organisations.

The Train the Trainer was organised within a week by Marieke. The training was focused on all topics of Growing Up training. Lina will be coached during her voluntary work for Project Growing Up by Marieke as well. She will continue training youngsters on Lombok Island.