SMP and SMK negeri 4 Abubu

Nusa Laut, Maluku Indonesia

The girls who joined the training live in a small village called Abubu. Abubu is one of the 7 small villages the island has. The island is not bigger than 33km and counts about 5600 residents.The people live mostly from their own agriculture. Most of them live from the production of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and fishing. Children are often required to work from a very young age to help their parents. For some kids there is no hope for a high educated future. They have to leave the island for university, but not all families are able to provide this for their children. This because of a lack of money or not having any family or friends in the city to accommodate their children while they study.

In one week time 19 girls from SMP and SMK negeri 4 in Abubu were trained by Debbie. The training was focussed on self-image, puberty, abuse, social media, sexuality, safe sex and early pregnancy