SDN Tengah Tengah

Ambon Island, Maluku Indonesia

Tengah Tengah is a Muslim village on the east coast of Leihitu, with old fashioned houses clinging to the steep hillside. There are only a few schools in Tengah Tengah. In case kids are able to go to university, they have to travel to Ambon city. This is not at all common for all kids, parents do not always have the money to provide extra schooling for them. Also they have to be Lucky enough to have family or friends in the city, who are able to provide housing.

The students from SDN’s class 8 joined this program. In one week time 10 youngsters from SDN Tengah Tengah were trained by Debbie. The program was focussed on self-image, healthy lifestyle, hygiene, puberty, abuse, sexuality, safe sex and early pregnancy.