Church in Asprer, Payatas 1

Metro Manila, Philippines

The Asprer Church offers a two year program for boys focused on a better future. It’s an alternative learning system where they learn, English, math, history and other basic subjects. Besides that they offer all sorts of training where they learn skills for different types of jobs. After two years the students have enough experience to find a job and take care of themselves.

The boys all live at the vast Payatas garbage dump on the outskirts of Manila. Over 30,000 people live on this mountain of waste, and they survive by collecting and separating aluminium, plastic and cardboard waste. Children are often required to work from a very young age. For most children there is no hope of a different future - a better future.

In 3 weeks time 10 boys from the church in Asprer were trained by Debbie. The training was focussed on self-image, healthy lifestyle, hygiene, puberty, social media, abuse, sexuality, safe sex and early pregnancy.