4 Elementary schools

Upper Suriname

This project was collaborated with WASH Unicef Suriname, Stichting Onderwijs en Kind Suriname. Early 2015 a composed group of people from WASH Unicef Suriname, NH Ministery of Suriname and Project Growing Up travelled to the jungle from the Upper Suriname river. 

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WASH is a division of Unicef. They provide access to safe water and sanitation services and education. A high percentage of children suffers from intestinal infections caused by parasites as a result of poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation. Also, the lack of separate and decent sanitation and washing facilities in schools discourages girls from attending school full time and forces some to drop out.

In 1 week time 4 schools were provided with education and information about clean water and garbage processing. In total 855 students of grade 1 up to grade 6 joined the program.