Our story

Project Growing Up started at the end of 2013. The project was developed by two friends, Carmen and myself Marieke. We were travelling through South East Asia for over a year when we decided to pursue their passion. Which was to create an educational program that would empower teenage girls and teach them about sexual education. The first pilot program was put into practice in the Philippines, where we educated 51 primary school students in the slums of Manila.  

While travelling further and interacting with more and more teenagers across Asia, we realized not only girls needed our program.  That’s the beauty of teaching; as a teacher you yourself never stop learning. So, we learned and decided to broaden our horizon. Nowadays, the program is not only focused on sexual education for girls. It’s for both boys and girls, and is enlarged with all kind of challenging topics for youth while growing up. 

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Then came the day we missed our home, after more than two years of teaching abroad we travelled back to the Netherlands. But we didn’t want the journey of Growing Up to end in Asia of course.

So we started the Project Growing up Foundation. And besides executing our voluntary Project Growing Up projects yearly, now national and international organizations can purchase (one or more components of) our program. The program will always be customized for each organization, depending on their cultural standards and needs.

Project Growing Up also provides a train the trainer program for volunteers who want to organize a Growing Up Project themselves. We guide them towards their own project abroad.


Project Growing Up is a non-profit organization that strives for educating and empowering youth in developing countries, focusing on challenging topics associated with growing up.


Project Growing Up believes that knowledge and the way of teaching is the key. By reaching out to youth into their own values, traditions and culture they can use this knowledge and power to deal with difficult situations while growing up.