Your investment in an empowered future for privileged youth

Project Growing Up is a non-profit organisation that strives to educate youth in undeveloped countries, focussing on challenging topics associated with growing up.

We offer our program to organisations who are in need. We always offer our program free of costs. This means we need funds to support our work. We are constantly busy raising money to continue our work and educate more children around the world. All donations will be used solely for preparation expenses of the projects and development of the program.

Where does the money go to?

Project Growing Up does everything to keep the organisation cost as low as possible. This way the largest part of all donations is able to go to the welfare work. Marketing and communication recourses, event and office supply costs are (part) donated by sponsors or business partners of Project Growing Up. We also try to keep the costs during the trainings abroad as low as possible. We do this by asking the local organisation to arrange accommodation and meals for the trainers. The trainers pay their own travelling cost, visa and insurance costs.

Project Growing Up is a general profit intended organisation and there for bound to publish our Corporation and Collaboration information number. This number is used to share records with other organisations. Our RSIN is: 855940566

We believe in a open financial house holding. That stimulates the organisation to stay focussed on the in and out going funds. We want our donators to know where their money is going and believe every donation has to be used as effective as possible.

For more detailed information check our annual reports.

Shopping for a good cause!

Do you ever shop online?

If you do this via or you can donate for free to our project without having to pay anything extra!

Basically all major webshops have joined (Bol, BCC Amazon, eBay, etc.). You ultimately buy the product in the webshop itself. With every purchase you donate automatically and free of charge. (prices will be the same for you)